Christmas should be a time of relaxation, warmth and cheer, and we certainly need it after 2020, what a year that was! The last thing we need is for a pest to get in the way of proceedings so we have devised some helpfull pest control tips you can undertake to keep the pests at bay this christmas.

Keep the bird food under conrtol.

Whilst feeding the birds is very important at this time of year as their natural food sources become a little depleted, Our feathered friends can drop bits of food from hanging bird feeders. Rodents will take advantage of this and move into to clean up. Consider using a feeder with a built in tray to prevent spilt food from reaching the ground, and always clear up any spills.

Food storage in sheds and outbuildings.

Following on from feeding the birds, where and how do you store bird and pet food in your shed or outbuilding? Rodents have a superb sence of smell and will track down bags of food in an instant. Consider using metal storage tins that have a secure lid to keep food in - Plastic tubs will quickly be nibbled into.

Pest proofing around the house.

In a bid to stay out of the way of predators Rodents will use the cover of darkness to move a round, And if you have itemns laying up against your property they will use them as cover to stay out of the way. Why not spend a few minutes checking around your property and removing these items, That old bit of drainpipe or stack of old roof tiles will make a great place to hide.

Air Bricks and Vents Holes are an easy target.

Check to make sure all your air bricks and in good condition and are not broken. Plastic vents can very easily be damaged or gnawed on, so make sure they are all in good condtion. You can purchase metal mesh vents to fit over the top to prevent rodents from entering. Its important to never block these vents up with tape, the airflow through the cavity helps keep out the damp.

Dropped fruit from Trees.

Dropped apples and other soft fruits can take a while to degrade and therefore make an excellent food source for rodents. Clear away fruit to reduce the likelihood of an attracting rats in your garden.

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