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 Commercial or farm business pest control throughout Somerset. 

previewLooking for professional commercial, industrial or agricultural pest control in Yeovil, Somerset or Dorset? Have you got rats or mice worrying your business or farm? We offer a professional pest control service to help you with rats, mice, moles, birds, wasps, bees, flies and moths.

We understand the problems farms, commercial and industrial business owners face with pest control, and offer workable, cost effective pest control solutions.

Save time and money with a West Country Intergrated Pest Management Solution.


You will already be aware that rodents can cause significant problems in both urban and rural environments, the knock on effect can be huge for your business and its profitability.

  • Rodents contaminate and consume animal food sources
  • Spread dangerous diseases
  • Damage and destroy buildings and equipment

We provide the following services for our farm & commercial customers:

  • deal with one off infestations
  • arrange flexible or structured pest management programmed to your individual business needs
  • provide preventative and corrective solutions in all aspects of pest and bird control 

We understand that company reputation can have a significant impact on business, whether you’re a large corporate business or a local shop. We know how destructive pests can be to products, equipment and can be as far reaching as employee moral. To help you stay on top of pests we have pest control service contracts designed to help you and your business in the fight against unwanted pests, such as mice and rats.

Using modern techniques and specialist licenced products we can offer faster control of rodent infestations, this means:

  • Rodent-free is possible in as few as 7 days
  • Saves treatment times and improves productivity
  • Stops the waste of resources
  • Balancing performance and environmental impact
  • Breaks the cycle of resistance

We will be happy to help you in a one off site visit or maybe having a comprehensive pest control service contract from West Country will take away the pressure and worry for you, let us deal with the pests and you can get on running your business. We will provide everything you need, from the inital site survey through to pest control maintainance visits, whatever you want, just ask.

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How do we go about pest control?

It may seem like a no brainer, but the best way approach pest control is to prevent pests in the first place. Hindsight is a wonderfull thing, and you might only discover you need pest control when you first find you have a pest infestation.

What do we do?

How we plan and apply treatment depends on your type of business, the local environment and of course the species of the pest. As a responsible and professional pest control company we adhere to the codes of best practice written by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA). We always minimise exposure to non target species, whilst dealing with the primary target species humanly and effectively.

How do we do it?

Control treatments may include trapping, habitat removal, insectiside dusting and gels, Rodenticides in tamperproof bait boxes or shooting. We will always liase with you before carrying out any treatment. After treatment has taken place we will then be in a position to best advise you on the next steps to prevent further infestations.

Professional Pest Advice


Our pest advice area offers you a wide variety of resources and facilities to assist you with any pest problem you might have.

ROSTOP® Professional Pest Control Products

Accredited BPCA Member

Get protected from pests with West Country

We work with

  • Domestic
  • Landlords
  • Retail
  • Farmers
  • Garages
  • Golf Clubs
  • Leisure Facilities
  • Emergency Services
  • Restaurants and Pubs
  • Schools/Colleges
  • Local Authorities
  • Food Production
  • Port Authorities

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